What do you get when you cross a hybrid camper with a toy hauler? The Condamine ATV Camper, of course.

In the past, there have been equipment trailers and camper trailers. Then came the toy haulers which were really equipment trailers with rooftop tents. Now we have a purpose-built camper combined with the load capacity of an equipment trailer. A fine point… yes. But what we are seeing now is that the accommodation aspect of the toy hauler doesn’t have to be compromised. So let’s jump straight in and look at the difference. The ATV Camper is based on the Condamine Camper recently reviewed in RV Daily Issue 022. The chassis is the same but more importantly the sleeping accommodation is similar – having a solid insulated roof. After a hard morning on the ATV or dirt bike, you could actually get a kip in before hitting the trails in the afternoon.
Hot sunny days? Not a problem.

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