About Us

Condamine Campers is a 100% Australian owned family business that has many years experience designing and manufacturing camper trailers for families and couples all over Australia from our base in South East Queensland.

All of our campers are designed using 3d modelling software to ensure the highest quality of product and allowing pricing affordability and are manufactured from 100% locally sourced materials and supplies.

The innovative design from Condamine Campers produces high quality and robust off-road campers that are built to be both reliable and functional for families that are looking to travel around Australian in style and comfort.

Genuine 2 or 4 berth accommodation, extensive storage in the well-appointed kitchens, ensuite that is outside the camper but at floor level and huge storage for all of the things families need to take on extended adventures, all in a camper that is designed to be towed by all mid-sized 4×4.

Condamine Campers should be the next choice for your Everyday Adventure.

John Huth
John HuthOwner
John has been involved in camping with Scouts from the age of 5, and built his first camper in 1999, travelling around Australia with it for 12 months, so has a unique understanding of the outdoors and what is required and more importantly not required in the modern Hybrid campers.
He has a passion for the outdoors and brings this to the design and development of the ever expanding range of campers he manufacturers.
Having a background in software design and development has bought a different focus to the method by which modern camper are built. Being able to create and test new ideas in a computer simulated environment before manufacture allows for more creative and polished final products.
John is involved in the entire cross-section of the business from the research and development through the design phases to the production, quality control and then through to customer relations.

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